Samuel-De Champlain Bridge Makes the Cover of LD+A

IESNA Magazine Features New Architectural Bridge Lighting Design

Lumenpulse's installation at Samuel De-Champlain Bridge has been featured on the cover, and in the pages, of LD+A, the magazine of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America. In a four-page article, Managing Editor Samantha Schwirck cited the wildlife-friendly design of the LED lighting design but also the project's scale and control system requirements.

Designed by Horton Lees Brogden Lighting Design, the new lighting scheme utilizes more than 7,000 luminaires and 45 universes of DMX control to realize a lighting display that reflects the thriving city of Montreal, while keeping the environmental impact to a minimum.

"We did several extensive light pollution studies," said Elizabeth Johnson, Senior Associate at HLB. "We ended up with the perfect balance of light on the structure, lessening the environmental impact. Part of what helped us achieve this balance was using the Lumenpulse Linear Spread Lenses on the inner face of the tower." Johnson added, "We worked directly with the Lumenpulse team, both onsite and during mock-ups, to make sure light stayed where it needed to be."

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