Our team of lighting consultants is ready to assist and accompany you throughout a project’s entire process:

- Evaluation of your needs
- Counseling of lighting plans
- Recommendation of required fixtures and systems
- Product demonstrations
- Validation of lighting levels
- Photometric and synoptic studies
- Budget estimates
- Technical service (addressing and programming by local technicians). 


Our photometric analyses allow us to validate your lighting concept and ensure that it meets your needs as well as established standards.   

3D Renderings

Three-dimensional renderings reassure you about the integrity of your lighting concept by visualizing the proposed concept. 


Addressing and Commissioning

A Field Service Technician is available to work directly onsite with the electrical contractors, system users, and the system maintenance team to provide a pre-wire visit, onsite commissioning, onsite programming, and system training. Commissioning and programming are here to give end-users peace of mind, knowledge, and assurance.