Lumenpulse Quebec Agency to Continue Growth Under Luxtec Name

The lighting agency honors its 45th anniversary with a renewed identity and a new logo

Agence Lumenpulse Québec has announced its rebranding to the original Luxtec brand. The strategic change comes into effect as the lighting agency celebrates its 45 years of business. This renewed corporate image and branding strengthens Luxtec's mission to provide creative and technical expertise by accompanying industry professionals to achieve quality and sustainable projects and demonstrate a continuous commitment at all levels.

"Rebranding as Luxtec signals our intention to build upon our heritage and continuously evolve our product and control solutions to meet the ever-increasing needs of the market," confirms Olivier Chevrette, Sales Director for Luxtec.

As a Quebec lighting agency with offices in both Longueuil and Quebec City, Luxtec exclusively represents a multitude of local, Canadian and international partner manufacturers providing a complete product offering for architectural and specification-grade projects in Quebec. Laurent McGrath, Sales Director confirms "This new identity reflects our vision to be recognized as the reference in lighting agencies providing lighting solutions and technical support for any type of project, through our focus to provide local solutions and expertise."

As an extension of the vision and to reflect the agency's new identity, new office spaces and a showroom are currently under renovation in the Longueuil office. The showroom will feature and showcase well-known brands such as Deltalight, Fluxwerx, Lumenpulse PA-CO, and U Technology. Renovations are estimated to be completed in 2022, when the space will be used to host events and educational trainings.

"For more than 45 years, Luxtec has been synonymous with the lighting specification market in Quebec," explains Patrick Robitaille, General Manager of Luxtec. "We are proud to offer a full range of products for all applications with our manufacturing partners and to continually push technological innovations in our clients' projects and applications. This upcoming showroom will be a true testament to that goal."

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Editor's Notes

The new logo descriptor: Luxtec's new logo uses a bold and modern font that reflects the agency's dynamic and youthful team. The yellow dot points to the importance of color in lighting. Its high contrast to the nocturnal gray of the lettering showcases how both light and shadow play an important role in any illumination. The dot in Luxtec's new identity also symbolises a single point of light, light in its purest form, one that creates a bond between the "lux," a unit of measurement, and "tec," the heightened technology behind each of Luxtec's lighting solutions.

About Luxtec (formerly Agence Lumenpulse Québec)
As a Quebec-based lighting agency, Luxtec represents a multitude of exclusive partner manufacturers generating complete and consolidated lighting solutions offering for architectural, commercial, public lighting and more throughout Quebec and abroad. Luxtec is a brand of LMPG Inc. Follow us on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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