Videotron Centre

The Esplanade light columns and bollards create a sense of spectacle and community outside the recently inaugurated Videotron Centre, the future home of Quebec City's NHL team.

Built as part of a bid to bring a National Hockey League team back to Quebec City, the recently inaugurated, state-of-the-art Videotron Centre was designed to provide the very best in hockey atmosphere. To add to the sense of spectacle, landscape architects Project Paysage were brought in to create a welcoming, eye-catching pedestrian pathway.

"The exterior of the arena is meant to provide a "festival" feel to the outside of the arena, so that the minute a fan arrives on site, he feels like he's part of something special," said David Halliday, Director of Business Unit for urban lighting at Lumenpulse. "The idea was to create a sense of expectation and excitement, to make sure that every single game feels like a grand event."

To accomplish this, Project Paysage chose12-foot Esplanade light columns. Installed along the pedestrian passage towards the arena's main entrance, the luminaires create an illuminated pathway that can be seen from a distance.

"The Videotron Centre has a cutting-edge interior, so they didn't want the public space outside to have traditional, standard light poles. The Esplanade light columns are a unique LED lighting solution, and they were able to provide great performance with an aesthetic that fans might not have seen before," Halliday said.

Two-sided versions of the luminaires were used to provide additional illumination for the middle of the pedestrian path, reducing the number of columns needed.

"The luminaires are very adaptable, and the two-sided option allowed us to light the landscaping down the center, without having to install additional luminaires. Plus, as the plant life and landscaping start to grow, it will give the lighting design a whole new dimension," Halliday said.

Project Paysage then chose Esplanade LED bollards to create brightly lit pathways branching off the main passage, maintaining the sleek, minimalist visual of the light columns.

"The result came out even better than expected," Halliday said. "It's a big league arena in every way."

Equipment Specified:

2 x Esplanade Light Column (12', 4000K) Single
12 x Esplanade Light Column (12', 4000K) Double
36 x Esplanade Bollard (3', 4000K)

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Location: 250-B Boulevard Wilfrid-Hamel, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
Market: Urban
Client: Le Centre Videotron
Lighting Design: Projet Paysage Inc
Engineer: SNC Lavalin

The idea was to create a sense of expectation and excitement, to make sure that every single game feels like a grand event.

David Halliday